I’m a podcast fiend, and have been for about 5 years now. The first show I ever listened to was the Tim Ferris show, which I credit for giving me the idea to backpack Europe and begin to make big changes in my life. Now, I love my record player and firmly believe that we all need to dance around to TSwift’s Reputation or sing Coldplay at the top of our lungs with the windows rolled down, but I’ve replaced most of my music time with podcasts that help me learn and spark new business ideas. I think one of the best things you can do as a creative or entrepreneur is invest in your own education, and it’s even better if you can find ways to do that during your day to day tasks.

podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

And of course I have to make time to listen to My Favorite Murder each week, because even entrepreneurs need to learn how to not get murdered.

So without further ado, here are my Top 11 Podcasts for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs!
I’ve been obsessed with this one for a while now. Jenna Kutcher is a true marketing guru, but my favorite part of the show is the guests she has on! I’ve found most of my favorite authors and podcasts by listening to this show.
My only complaint here is that I need more episodes! Beth Kirby is a creative genius, traveler, and teacher. She’s also a great interviewer, and is another host who brings on some really great guests.
This podcast is your one stop shop for all things branding. Donald Miller has an entertaining way of explaining branding principles that makes it easy to grasp and remember (I mean, storytelling is his thing, after all).
It’s probably not original for me to mention this one, but I’ve listened to all back episodes of HIBT multiple times. I love hearing about the evolution of different ideas and the creative pivots that people make to grow their businesses. My favorite is the episode with Jen Rubio of Away, and the funniest one is definitely Buzzfeed!
This was one of the first design podcast I listened to. The unique thing about this podcast is that it looks at the design of objects and systems, not just traditional graphic or web design. There are episodes about street signs, phonebooths, and even fortune cookies. It’s a testament to the fact that everyone is creative, even in job roles that we don’t usually think of as being in that category.
Debbie Millman’s podcast is a staple for creatives. Debbie is one of the most skilled and experienced interviewers I’ve ever listened to. Her show features a lineup of impressive guests who bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the table. I learn something in every episode.
It’s always nice to listen to a podcast that features some more of the “little guys” in creative business. It can be more relatable and memorable to listen to people who are successful, but still a little closer to where the rest of us are. Plus, supporting local podcasts and artists is always a good move.
The latest podcast from Grace Bonney covers design and business while interviewing an array of experienced guests from the industry. There aren’t many episodes of this one right now, but I definitely recommend downloading and listening to what is there!
This is a funny design podcast that can sometimes go all over the place. You definitely learn something in every episode, and you’re always in for a few laughs. While it can sometimes go way off topic, I appreciate the diversity in the guests they feature and the wide array of creative industries that get featured.
If you know how to master your craft but aren’t quite sure how to market it, this podcast is for you. Amy Porterfield’s podcast is made up of actionable steps and easy to remember marketing tips that make it easy to get your product or service in front of your audience, even if marketing isn’t your forte.
This podcast is the lesser known How I Built This. It interviews the people behind our favorite online brands, and I’ve found a lot of new companies through listening to this show. Well Made exposes you to stories of all different types of makers and also teaches the logistics of online sales.
podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

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