Tips for Sourcing Quality Brand Photography as an Entrepreneur

Aug 22, 2019 | For Makers

The importance of solid branding has certainly gained traction over the years. We’re starting to catch on to the fact that branding isn’t just a logo and that visual identity is an outward reflection of deeper brand values and personality traits. We’re getting better at laying the groundwork for strong branding and setting the tone for our we want our businesses to be perceived. We’re investing more in logos and market research and working on organization culture to make sure that our branding stems from the bottom up.
But there’s a gap of businesses that haven’t caught on to the importance of quality brand photography. It’s odd that when so much effort is put into the rest of our visual design, this piece often goes ignored.
Given the increasing digitization of marketing, personal brand photography has never been more important. The average business posts on social media in some capacity 15 times per day and most of these posts have images tied to them.
When you’re an entrepreneur brand photography is just as important, if not more. As a one-man show, you have a lot of trust and credibility to build with your audience. This trust is built by showing up consistently with professionalism. If your branding looks cheap and hacked together, you’re not going to build the trust that you need to close the sale.
Ultimately your best bet is going to be to hire a professional photographer. I offer mini-sessions for entrepreneurs who have small budgets, and I’m sure you could find a photographer in your network who offers something similar.
In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you out as you get started building your visual branding.


  • Create a mood board. Pinterest is a fantastic place to work on curating your personal brand photography. Look for images that you could start a conversation around and that you can see inspiring some of your own photography. Also, pay attention to colors and tones, and think about the objects that you’re including–you want to make sure you’re attracting the right audience with what you post.


  • Buy presets. Presets are basically like Instagram filters, except they’re higher quality and you use them in Lightroom or Photoshop. Even if you have to take some of your images yourself, having a professional preset to apply can help you take your images to the next level in the editing stage. You can find these on etsy, or my personal favorites are the Lady Byrne presets. 


  • Join a subscription service. Yeah, this is a shameless plug for Picked, my brand new photography subscription service for makers and creatives. Stock photography is never the ideal answer, but if you must, find a subscription service that creates images that are a little less generic. Mine isn’t the only one, but I’d love to see you over there.


  • See if you can do a service trade. There are lots of creative photographers who might be willing to trade services if you can offer something of value in return, such as website help or accounting or legal help. It never hurts to ask!

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